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Edit Template

Hire via social media

Use your social media accounts to search for candidates. Generate a convenient link which is optimized for mobile devices for all your vacancies and collect CVs and video interviews.

How it works


Add vacancies
to Huntica.


Post links on social media or banners.


Your users send their CV or go through a job interview with AI.


Watch the recordings of the interviews at a convenient time for you and make a decision.

Your vacancies are available via phone

No more links to Google forms or messages. Post a link that can be easily opened on a mobile device and remains up-to-date, as you can manage it even after posting. One link can contain multiple vacancies, which is especially convenient for Instagram or Telegram.

Huntica will interview
your candidates for you

Tired of asking candidates the same questions, making appointments, adjusting to late arrivals? Our service was created to save you from the same old routine! Post a vacancy, invite candidates, and let Huntica interview them for you. We will remind applicants about the interview, and our artificial intelligence will interview them without needing your participation. Find out how easy it is take a test interview
Conveniently organize your workflow with applicants
Change candidate statuses by dragging and dropping cards on the bulletin board. Filters, sorting, search – working with candidates has never been more convenient!

Check the stats

Create an unlimited number of links with vacancies, post them on different channels, and determine which channel is the most efficient for attracting candidates.


Huntica’s QR codes made our recruiting much more effective. We printed them on our pastry bags when we opened our second bakery. The result was way beyond our expectations — we received over 50 applicants for each position with the help of our loyal customers and their friends. All we had to do was watch the interviews and make decisions.

Olive Tree Bakery

We found a valuable recruitment tool when we searched for summer interns with QR codes from Huntica. Instead of handing out our usual application form to students, we posted a QR code generated by Huntica on university notice boards on campus. Hundreds of applications turned into virtual interviews, ready to be assessed by our recruiters. Huntica saved us a lot of work and made the entire process smooth and effective.

Theta Kappa

When faced with an urgent opening for a top position, we found a great solution through Huntica. They provided us with the opportunity to place QR codes on billboards around the city, directing potential employees to an online interview page. This allowed us to engage with an enthusiastic audience actively seeking employment. Within just a couple of days, we recorded more than 80 interviews. This enabled our HR team to focus all their efforts on selecting the best candidates for the final interview. The project was completed on time, and we are very happy with our new team member.

Rooftop Strategies

Our company is growing and we are always looking for great professionals to strengthen our team. We organized a meet-up for UX designers and added a QR code from Huntica to the event’s brochure and posters. 8% of the participants used the QR code to record an interview on the Huntica platform. The best part is that they were able to complete most of the process on their own without a single appointment. The service helped us filter out the best candidates and have them come in for a live interview with the team. This way, we managed to hire a new UX department for experimental projects with minimal effort.

Inkspot Solutions

Our vehicles hire people for us! Putting a QR code on our delivery cars has been a huge advantage for effective recruitment in the transportation field. We target our future drivers where they are more likely to be: on the road. They scan a QR code with their smartphones and follow directions to record a virtual interview. It saves our HR managers lots of work and leaves them only the most interesting part — evaluation and selection of candidates.

Red Lion Delivery

Our restaurant always has a few openings. To fill them, we use stickers with a QR code from Huntica. The code links those interested in the job with an online interview page that has a fully automated interview. Since we put stickers on every table and door in the restaurant, our new hires now tend to be fans of our food and service.

Mangiando Restaurant

As a local transportation provider, we mainly rely on word of mouth for hiring. It gets us drivers who live close to our routes and hear positive reviews from other commuters who they know. Recently, we integrated a QR code from Huntica into all our tickets, resulting in a twofold increase in applications. Moreover, all applications come with a virtual interview, saving us considerable effort and resources.

Fast Pace Lines